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Chiropractic care is more than just making the pain disappear. It is about learning, understanding and taking care of your body to improve your quality of life.

Chiropractor Testimonial
“Dr Testa and Dr Rubin make a very good team in treating their patients. Just after 5 treatments I saw substantial results and ameliorations for my shoulder, neck, and elbow pain. The personnel is warm, friendly and very accomodating. I recommend this clinic to anyone who's tired of living with pain and want optimal health. Dr. Testa and Dr. Rubin are very knowledgeable and competent in chiropractic, Active Release Technique and mobilization techniques.”

Danielle D. (Danielle D, CEO-Outdoor fitness)

Chiropractor Review
“I had been dealing with pain, discomfort and limited mobility in my shoulder for a couple of years due to a high school injury. The injury was greatly limiting my activity level. After working with Dr Testa and Dr Rubin, I have no more daily pain, gained my range of motion and I'm back to running, working out and being active. They were great and helped me every step of the way.”

Matt D. (Matt D. )

Chiropractor Review
“Prior to coming to Florida Chiropractic, I had been suffering with a painful knot in my right calf muscle for about 3 months. I was only getting less than a mile into a run before the muscle would knot up, leaving me limping for the next few days. Before the running injury my normal runs were 5-12 miles a day. For 3 months, I tried treating the injury myself using "the stick," massage, ice and heat but still knotted up in less than a mile running. Within a few weeks of seeing Dr. Rubin, he diagnosed the root of the cause, weakness in my glutes and recommended specific exercises to fix the imbalance. More than just treating the symptom, he found the root cause and taught me how to fix it. I would likely have never solved the problem on my own...Thanks!”

Tom M. (Tom M. )

“I had injured my shoulder in May of 2013. I finally found Dr. Testa in October after already seeing 2 other physical therapists and my ortho. Nothing really helped- I had a lot of pain and could not lift my arm above shoulder height or even reach behind me. Literally after one treatment by the doctor, I experienced immediate relief and my pain decreased significantly. Now just 3 months later, I am almost completely recovered and I'm back to enjoying the physical activity I enjoy most-KAYAKING!! Thank You!”

Laura A. (Laura A. )

Chiropractor Testimonial
“FCSR is awesome!!! They know their stuff and they work miracles!!! I recommend them to so many people!”

Susan W. (Susan W. )

Chiropractor Testimonial
“I suffered from intermittent lower body pain for years due to L5/S1 nerve impingement. Dr Testa using the modality of Active Release Technique(ART) in conjunction with spinal manipulation and physiotherapy exercises made my core strong and subsequently I am pain free after many years. He is mouch more than a Chiropractor, but a combination of Sports Med Doc and Physical Therapist that really listens.”

Michaele (Michaele)

Chiropractor Testimonial
“I came to the office with lower back pain; I could barely sit or walk. Dr. Testa and team took great care of me and within a couple of visits, my back felt great again. I'm really grateful and happy!”

Cynthia (Cynthia)

Chiropractor Testimonial
“Florida Chiropractic and Sports Rehab have been GREAT!!!! I came in with a hamstring and IT band issue and could not run over 4 miles without horrible pains in my knee. Since I've been seeing them, I've run a 6-person 100 mile relay and 2 5k's without issue.”

Julie (Julie)

Chiropractor Review
“I would like to thank Dr. Alan Testa for his help on my Lat (Latissimus Dorsi) injury. After 6 months of hard training for my first Half Ironman race; I had an injury on the Lat after a swimming session just a week before race day. I was frustrated because it was an intense pain which would clearly stop me from participating in the race. It was not reasonable or possible to try to swim 1.2 miles (first leg of the race) under such a pain. A triathlete friend highly recommended seeing Dr. Testa. I went to see him 6 days before race day and after 3 visits he got me back in the pool making sure it was safe to try the swimming portion of the triathlon. Thanks to Dr. Testa, I was able to participate and complete the race without any pain from the Lat injury.”

Jose (Jose)

Chiropractor Review
“I am new to body building and the pursuit of personal fitness. I have lost 85 pounds in the last 10 months, so my body is being pushed to an unreal extreme. With all the intense workouts and running I need superior "Maintenance". Dr. Alan Testa has done an unreal job at working on all my problem spots. I have been experiencing AC joint problems and issues from a ripped quad muscle. I visited Dr. Testa and after the first appointment I saw HUGE results. I know if it wasn't for his work and expertise i would still be in pain and unable to pursue the life style I am now living.”

J. Salamida (J. Salamida)

Chiropractor Review
“Thank you so much for working through my hip problems with me. After almost giving up with my orthopedic doctor, you persisted in keeping my symptoms at bay, while helping me to find the cause. And your early suggestion of a torn labrum turned out to be true! At my request, you helped me find an alternate orthopedic specialist, who did indeed diagnose FAI and labral tears, and immediately scheduled surgery. I am now recovering from the arthroscopic surgery, and expect pain free, full mobility and strength within 10-12 weeks. You can be sure I will be back in your office to keep my body and bones in correct shape, and certainly I will be enthusiastically recommending your practice to anyone who asks...”

Rick S. (Rick S.)

Chiropractor Review
“I have had many injuries over the years, most due to heavy bodybuilding years ago. I have been seeing Chiropractors since 1978. Dr. Testa is by far, not only the best, but is certified in many different imortant techniques like ART and Graston. These techniques and his experience has made a world of difference for me. The icing on the cake is his laid back manner and sense of humor. He is easy to talk to and work with. I cant recommend him highly enough. ”

Gary G. (Gary G.)

Chiropractor Review
“As a dedicated athlete, I've always known the importance of chiropractic care as a means of treating injuries and staying healthy. After moving to Florida last year, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Testa. What impressed me most about him was the gentleness of his adjustments, that I have never found in a doctor. He is a true professional that cares about his patients. I'm now a frequent visitor! I recommend him to all my training partners and friends. Thank you for everything Dr. Testa!”

Rafael (Rafael )

Chiropractor Testimonial
“I was rear-ended in an auto accident two years ago, and wound up with injuries in both my neck and left shoulder. Even after a round of physical therapy, the range of motion in my neck was very limited. Recently, the old pain surfaced, and I found Dr. Testa's Active Release Therapy to be just what I needed. After only one visit, the pain had subsided quite a bit, and for the first time in two years, I could easily turn my head from side to side! Although I feel much better, I plan to continue treatment for some time to come. I am back to running and strength training without pain. I would recommend Dr. Testa's treatment highly!”

Carol B. (Carol B.)

Chiropractor Testimonial
“Three years ago I tore the labrum in my hip. After months of physical therapy, severe pain, and no relief I ended up having arthroscopic surgery. Six months later, it was torn again. My orthopedic recommended more physical therapy. After another two months of P.T. and still no relief I was told I would need a second surgery. I decided to look into other options. I went to see Dr. Testa and was highly impressed. Dr. Testa used a technique called “Active Release Technique” (ART) which decreased my pain immediately. After a few weeks of treatment I was completely pain free. Over a year later, I still have a torn hip, but I'm pain free and avoided a dreadful second surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Testa to anyone!?”

Kimberly (Kimberly)

Chiropractor Review
“Dr. Testa, I want to thank you for helping me with my lower back problem. Your techniques are great and the time spent to isolate the problem is appreciated. I would recommend anyone with any pain to see Dr. Testa. He is a top chiropractor in the field! ”

Marc H. (Marc H.)

Chiropractor Testimonial
“I had a leg/groin pain which wouldn't allow to sleep. I finally called Dr. Testa and after 1 visit the pain was gone and I was able to get my first good night of sleep in 4 nights.‎”

Doreen‎‎ (Doreen‎‎)

Chiropractor Testimonial
“Dr. Testa was very thorough and explained what was wrong in terms that I understood and how he would correct it. I had just returned back to running, and had an injury that was getting worse, even after seeking medical care. His Graston technique helped me get my "running legs" back. Dr, Testa also called me over the weekend to make sure that I was okay, and if I had any concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Testa, and he didn't rush me, asked many questions and followed up with a phone call.”

Amy (Amy)

Chiropractor Review
“I am a 35 year old male and have tons of old sports injuries. I suffer from chronic low back, shoulder and knee pain. Dr. Testa was able to explain how my misalignment contributed to both my knee and shoulder pain. After regular spinal adjustments I have actually been able to participate in my favorite sports again, soccer and softball. Thank you Dr. Testa! ”

Robert (Robert)

Chiropractor Review
“I've been treated by chiropractors my entire life, but the techniques Dr. Testa uses even I have never experienced before. His knowledge, and ability to get right to the adjustment you really need makes him one of the best. Highly recommended! ”

Todd May (Todd May)

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